Occasionally some garments do not pass quality checks we have in place.  Every so often we will have what we call a "Warehouse Sale" to offer these garments at discounted prices due to their flaws.

These pieces are not eligible for return or exchange, they are Final Sale. 


Garments may or may not arrive with hang tags and may be in different bagging then what they would arrive in normally.

The flaw(s) of the piece(s) will not be disclosed in the listing it may have one or more of the following:



Sewing Workmanship Defects

Significant Marks

With that said we even have a QC in place in order to allow them to be sold at discounted prices. Flawed pieces are checked for:

No rips/tears

Can still be worn despite the flaw(s) above

Garments marked with any other "SALE" tag can also have any of the above qualities or can simply be marked down due to the season, flash sale event and/or other reasons they are not necessarily going to have a flaw.

ANY GARMENT MARKED "SALE"/"WAREHOUSE" SALE are not returnable/exchangeable for any reason. THEY ARE FINAL SALE.