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Lounge Set

  • made for days at home lounging around
  • sweet tank style top 
  • scoop back
  • working pocket with lace detail
  • comfy waistband with working drawstring
  • all sizes have same size bottoms
  • please be sure to read preorder notes below as some styles in super steal sale will ship before others




95% polyester + 5% spandex blend

Although this set is not intended for sleep we recommend for child's safety that the garment should fit snugly. This garment is not treated with flame resistant chemicals.

Please wash garments inside out, on a COLD delicate cycle, reverse to normal side and LAY FLAT to dry - do not machine dry as it lends to wash wear - never wash garment with towels, blankets, or other rough textiles. Soaking garments of any kind is not recommended as it can damage buttons/trim. 


All measurements are approximate and taken by hand and slight variation will/may occur. +/- 1" length, +/- .50" width. Please keep in mind that variation will/may occur through the sizes in the above variance. All measurements have been taken with the garment laying flat.

Length of top has been taken from shoulder to hem

Chest has been taken from arm pit - arm pit across front of chest at widest point.

Waistband approx circumference

0/3M 10.5"
12M 12.5"
18M 13.5"
9.5" 17"
2T 14.5"
3T 15.25"
10.5" 19"
4T 16"
5Y 16.75"
6Y 17.5"
12" 20.5"


8Y 19"
10Y 20.5"
12Y 22"
14/16Y 23.5"



This a limited preorder that has a maximum # of orders we can accept. Once maximum order quantity has been reached, the sale will close for ordering or sale will close on 11.23.23 at 10pm cst. (please keep in mind if max orders are reached prior to this time, ordering will close sooner).

The following preorder policy will apply to this sale: 

    • By placing an order for a PRE-ORDER garment you are acknowledging that you understand that the garment is not yet made/ready to ship, and it will ship after production is complete, at the later estimated date below. Please keep in mind this is considered to be part of Spring 2024 collection and will arrive closer to that "season", please order your size accordingly with this in mind. Please do keep in mind that the estimated shipping date below reflects CNY production time line.
    • If you order multiple preorders within the same cart that have different estimated shipping dates, we will ship the preorders separately so that each preorder stays as close to the estimated shipping date as possible.
    • Preorders are made especially for you in your selected sized. Because of this you are unable to cancel a preorder once the order is placed for any reason per shop policies. Preorders are able to be returned once received - however, please keep in mind that all returns, credits, adjustments, etc. are processed in the form of a shop gift card only. The only exception to our preorder cancellation policy is if garments shipping is delayed beyond the original listed "latest shipping week", in that instance, you may opt to cancel your preorder but refund will be processed again, as a shop gift card only. You must wait until the latest week of shipping has lapsed before emailing in to cancel for shop gift card, you can find the latest week of shipping date below. Please understand we can not make any other exceptions to these policies.
  • Estimated preorder shipping weeks are not guaranteed, they are our only our best estimate on how long the following will take:
    • garments production time (which begins once the sale has closed) - this is the time is takes for the garments fabric to be printed/milled, cut to pattern, constructed in sewing, quality checked, and packed by our manufacturing team.
    • transit time from our manufacturer to us by shipping carrier - this is the time it takes for the finished garments to arrive to us here at JJ after they are shipped to us from our manufacturing team. 
    • amount of time it will take for our team to quality check each garment once they arrive to us  
    • amount of time it will take for our team to  full-fill & ship each order after q/c is complete

With the above in mind this preorder will ship during the week of February 19th 2024. Please understand these dates are only estimates, and they are not guaranteed. 

We operate on shipping weeks rather than exact dates due to the fact that we simply can not quality check and ship hundreds of orders in a single day or even a single week. Preorders are some of our largest sales and do take some time to work through all the the areas of production to fulfillment to you. Our shipping weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday. 

 To check the current status of your preorder after the sale has closed & to follow along for any updates please reference this helpful page here on the site - preorder updatesThis is only place we post updates on preorders - having a set location to post information allows everyone to freely access it.


We are unable to make adjustments/cancel orders after checkout is complete. This includes change/addition of discount codes, size/style changes, address changes, combining shipping, etc. We would love to be more accommodating but it is not possible for these changes to be made as it tends to cause issues we can not fix throughout the multiple platforms that we use. For this reason it is very important that you:

    • Read listing details in full - including size chart.
    • Confirm the correct style + size is added your cart.
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